Last year, the City of Aurora worked tirelessly with strategic partners Crowe and Gartner to develop a comprehensive roadmap of short and long term technology initiatives aimed at positioning our great City as a technology and innovation leader.

Below are some key takeaways from the strategic plan. We hope that you read the plan in its entirety. As the Chief Information Officer of the City of Aurora, I’m excited to see you next week, expand on our vision, answer your questions and discuss how we move forward from here.


To become the strategic IT business partner for the City of Aurora and the region


Deliver innovative, smart solutions, services and provide first-class customer service


The Technology Strategic Plan provides our City with a roadmap of short and long term technology initiatives aimed at building the necessary foundations to ensure that our people, processes and businesses thrive

Initiatives Summary

A total of 58 initiatives were identified during the planning process. The following diagram highlights the main strategic themes in relation to the service categories:

Benefits of Implementation


  • Access to public services and quality of life enhancements supported by technology
  • Enhanced connection and communication with City government
  • Convenient transactions with the City
  • Enhanced safety and security
  • Increased transparency


  • Easier to do business in Aurora with streamlined City processes
  • Ample infrastructure to support business expansion in Aurora and location to Aurora
  • Innovation and technology hub resources
  • Resources to support new start-ups

City Departments

  • Enhanced resources for daily service delivery
  • Increased information/data sharing between departments to better deliver services faster and simpler
  • Enhanced efficiencies and cost savings
  • Structured decision-making and prioritization process for new investments